Research and References

Be Fit With Biray – Biray’s Blog

“The purpose of this blog is simple: to discover, discuss, and document how technology influences health & fitness industry. Everything related to blogging, podcasting, cell phones, YouTube, Facebook, video games, electronics, social media, Google – you name it – if people are using it, then I want to know how it can be used (or is already being used) to enhance the impact of our health professionals, exercise enthusiasts, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and wellness educators.”

“The place to get information, FREE choreography, continuing education workshops, and fitness instructor apparel.” A great place to find tidbits, ideas and choreography, plus access to CEU’s and fun gear.

FITTmaxx Institute

If you are wondering how to bring your message to the web, FITTmaxx Institute has workshops, articles and other resources to help fitness professionals adopt social media and new technologies such as podcasts, online personal training, exergaming, and web-based exercise programs.

Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast and Blog

Great resource for indoor cycling instructors. Podcasts, continuing education, profiles, and all around great information for folks who teach IDC.

Innercycling Forums

A forum for indoor cyclists to swap their knowledge and share their experiences teaching indoor cycling. The conversation rarely sticks just to cycling and you’ll meet some really interesting folks here. A great resource, just like Pedal-On, next:

“The Independent Voice of the Indoor Cycling Community” Pedal-On is a forum for indoor cyclists to share information, resources, inspirations and ideas. A wealth of great stuff from really amazing and successful indoor cyclists.

Personal Training on the Net

“Personal Training on the Net – The ultimate one-stop fitness education resource for today’s personal trainer and fitness professional. Dive in for functional training fitness articles, personal trainer CECs, live and online fitness workshops and personal training career tools.” They are a for-fee site, but they have excellent information. You’ll find exciting movements and exercises that meet a specific need, research and articles to answer a myriad of health and fitness questions, plus a place to earn rewards for purchasing CEUs.


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