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4 thoughts on “About GroupFitPower

  1. Dear Krista,
    I am very interested in the July CD tree at Pedal.on. My name and address is : I would like to be in on the July tree. If nobody else heads up the tree, here is my name and address.
    I was pleasantly surprised reading through your blog. There is a lot of good information contained within your blog. I was taken back by your “Riding in Silence” piece. My cd just wouldn’t work in the club’s sound system. I got throught the class by turning on the radio. I think you had a more thought provoking approach. Thanks again.
    Pat Miguel

  2. Hello Krista!
    What a terrific blog you’ve got going here. Thank you for all of the wonderful information. Also, you may want to know there is another VERY HELPFUL indoor cycling forum out there. It is http://www.innercycling.com.

    Very, very good people there. Enjoy and again, THANK YOU for all of the excellent information you have posted here! Keep it coming!

  3. I am the CEO of ECA World Fitness Alliance. I love the blog and would like ECA to have some involvement .. have you heard of us? Can we appear in your resources guide? your group fitness info category?

    We would like to list our conventions if possible For more info please go to
    http://www.ecaworldfitness.com or e-mail me directly at

    I look forward to hearing from you

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