32 Mix

I discovered this website from a Step Instructor who posts her choreography on YouTube. They are my current favorite site for downloading mixes that I can burn to a disk. Great selections, easy delivery, great specials. Check them out.

Cadence Revolution

This website provides a weekly playlist of independent music to workout to. It can be streamed from their site or downloaded as a one-hour mp3. They offer free downloads of many of the songs they use and are a great source of independent music. They also include an indoor cycling workout to go with the playlist, which is a fun option for doing your own rides. Very useful.

John Sines

No doubt about it — this is one of the hottest places to get music on the net right now. Every time I trade off with the instructor ahead of or after me, we are swapping John Sines CDs in the player. He has excellent mixes of very current music sung by the original artists with fun classics thrown in here and there. I have many CDs from John and he does a great job. CDs cost $15 for an hour and some sets of two CDs are available for $30. Clearance items are $10 and $20 respectively.


Who hasn’t heard of iTunes? I admit that I was slow to check them out, because my mp3 player is not an iPod. However, they’re usable by any brand and their interface is similar to Napsters. They have TONS to offer, including movies and audiobooks and podcasts of lectures.

Mixed Meta4s

I first learned of mixed meta4s from Jon Giswold, who was presenting at the TSI Summit in NYC. I have never ordered from them, but the mix he played for us was killer! Little-known source for music, but they have great dance-club-type mixes for about $20 per 60-min CD.


Multitrax has a great selection of music and it comes at a fair price. I have only purchased two albums from them, which have a great beat and don’t distract in class. They have plenty of energy, but nothing that makes you want to sing. At least not on what I purchased. I find their website a little difficult to use, but they do offer DVDs, equipment, and other stuff I just haven’t checked out yet! They’re priced at about $30 for a 2-hour disc set) and the artists sound like the originals for most songs I’ve sampled.


Napster used to be the target of lawsuits because of it’s peer-sharing abilities which let everyone have free copies of music. In the last few years, they’ve changed their structure, and it is no longer a means to obtain pirated music. It is one-hundred percent legal and affordable! Napster has millions of songs. Try it FREE for 7 days, then register and pay a monthly fee to download an unlimited number of songs to your mp3 player. I find this a much cheaper alternative to purchasing new CDs every month, and I can play the most current music in my classes. You won’t get 32 mixes here, but it is the best for Spinning and for Radio Play classes. Enjoy unlimited music for 3 months only $15 with Napster. Plus MP3 credits!

Power Music

Power Music is the first company I ordered from and I find that they have the broadest assortment of music available.  They are also one 0f the few music websites that are 100% perfectly in conformance with Music Licensing Laws.  They follow the rules to a ‘T’ so you can rest assured that you will not even be bending the music industry’s rules when you play them in class.  For this reason, they are a tad pricey, ($20 – $26 for a 60-min CD) and their mixes are NOT by the original artists. However, for groups who are not interested in hearing Akon or Ciara’s radio play, this is your best shot for satisfaction. For example, my seniors class LOVES the “Rockin Oldies” mix from Power Music, and their Tribal beat music is great for high-intensity classes. All of their mixes are ‘G-rated’ to my knowledge, which is also a benefit. Plus, they have a new section where you can download choreography.


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