Spinning Profile: Individual Time Trial

Today’s profile is heavily influenced by a ride I took at Florida MANIA.  It was called “Ultimate Time Trial” and it was presented by Schwinn Cycling Master Trainer Keli Roberts.   Keli is an avid road racer and had a great deal of personal detail to share with us about racing and time trialing.  It was very inspiring to be taught the technique of racing by a rider who has won road races.  Not only that, but Keli is an absolutely charming lady with great coaching ability and a constant smile.  Even at the high point of the race, she was glowing and cheering us on.  Quite motivating.

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Spinning Profile: 90-Minute Endurance Ride

This is a Spinning Profile for a ride that totals 80 minutes on the bike plus 10 minutes of stretching for a 90 minute profile.  I got my students up extra early one morning for this ride that went over really well.  Because the ride was a first for them and for me as an instructor, I kept it very simple and mostly motivational.  Also, I didn’t want them to fall asleep, so half-way through, the profile changes from a EEZ to a SEZ. Therefore, “Endurance” in the title really only means “able to endure the bike for a long time.”

Here are the playlist and profile. After the profile, I have included a series of motivational cues to get you through the ride. 
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Spinning Profile: Pace Line Intervals

We’re back with another Spinning Playlist and profile!  Summer has wound down and as fall approaches, I am encouraging my riders to make a fresh start and look for ways to get something new with each and every ride.  My early morning riders have been riding consistently for over a year, so we are going to work toward a Race Day for the next month.

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