Spinning Profile: Endurance Road

Last night’s class was a fun mix of a Cadence Revolution workout (#168) and some of the songs I’ve gotten from “Pedal-On’s Favorite Songs.” All wrapped up to be a pretty fun ride. The profile is an Endurance Energy Zone (EEZ) Ride of the best kind — its a simple plan that can be the backbone to some great imagery. The music that goes with it on CadRev is perfect for keeping the heart rate in that perfectly aerobic zone for good base building. Mwah! I was not such a patient monkey, though. I picked some energetic music, a little more energy than I realized, and found that we were really doing a Strength Energy Zone (SEZ) ride. I couldn’t help but modify as we rode it in response to what I was observing in my students and how I was feeling as well. But there were a couple of other changes I made on the fly based on my observations. They weren’t pedalling well. It was downright ugly on a few folks, so we did pedal stroke drills during the first long flat. It was a great way to spend those 7 minutes. After that, they really needed a saddle break, so we stood for a minute. The climbing was great. I gave them the option of going harder than an endurance heart rate. No surprise, most took that option, but then again… so did I! Seeing they were up for something tougher, we did cadence drills during the second flat road (Rockafeller Skank). Pedalling at 85 rpm, 95 rpm, 105 rpm, 95 rpm, 85 rpm back up and down for about 20-30 seconds each. Adding resistance as we went through… Was tough! The final climb was hard not to push over the limit when The Great Defector came on. What an infectious song. We went all out and found it hard to push any further for the final portion (Starting Over). Was an interesting exercise in learning the value of “saving up for the final push”. In fact, I believe I even said something to the effect of “If you’ve already spent your wad, you might have to scrounge some change off the floorboards to get through this…” All in all, I was very pleased with how it all came out. And my tank top was completely drenched, so what more of an endorsement do you need?

Gaiam.com, Inc

So even though it didn’t turn out to be an Endurance Ride, if we’d stuck to the plan, it would have been! Either way, prepare for some fun. Hop on over to CadenceRevolution and pick up workout #168. Then give some of these tunes a try from Napster or iTunes. If you want to see how I mapped my music to the ride or check out where I made my modifications, check out my pdf for Endurance Road.


I put this one together in Napster as well, so if you want to load this playlist on your mp3 player without paying for each individual track, follow the link to the playlist, then sign up for Napster-to-Go. It is, without question, the best deal in music for Indoor Cycling Instructors. Have a fresh playlist every week without buying individual songs! What a deal!

Here’s the Napster link:
icon Spinning Profile: Endurance Roadicon

Here is the iMix in iTunes if you want to go that route:

Tell us how it went!!


4 thoughts on “Spinning Profile: Endurance Road

  1. Thanks for sharing your EEZ playlist and plugging it into iMix! I use a lot of non-iTunes music from a variety of DJ sites. Do you have any recommendations for pulling it together or just leave it off? I post pics of my playlists and highlight which are non-iTunes at this time. Or use Grooveshark!

    Would love to swap a profile or two! I teach on RealRyder bikes, so there’s a little modification to make in the profiles!


  2. Hi Kristal
    Looking for 2 songs you have on a 90-minute endurance ride – Alone Tonight by Above & Beyond and Glow by Unkle. I checked I-tunes and can’t find a single of either one. I’m a new instructor and I haven’t branched out into the world of downloaded music past I-tunes. The info you supply on your site is incredible – thanks so much for all the good advice.

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