Back to Basics Step Choreography

Saturday morning, I taught one of the best Step classes I’ve taught in a long time. Maybe it was because I was still on a high from the Sanctuary Ride the night before. Or maybe it was because I slept really well. Or maybe it was something better than that….

I listened to a student.

All she did was ask if we could do “Classic Step” again. She was tired of all the fancy turns and zig zagging all over the step and just expressed how she missed “the good ‘ole days.” At first I was a little repulsed by the thought of going back to Over the Tops and L-Steps. But after really considering what my students were getting from all the Advanced stuff I’ve been pushing on them lately (and yes, the operative term there is “push”) I thought it might be good to just have a “Back to Basics” class. It was great. And if you are feeling like you are in a rut, or you are running out of ideas for what to do in your next class, or you feel like you have exhausted all of the fancy moves there are, taking a few steps back and simplifying can be a really refreshing way to reconnect with your students.

You’ll find the choreography I used here. Even though they know all of these moves, I went all the way back and broke them down, even Karate Knee. It wasn’t because they needed to relearn a Karate Knee, but it was more for the joy of experiencing complete and total success after learning a move. It can be frustrating to be taught an advanced combo and never really get it. I wanted them to remember that feeling, and it worked. They were loving it. It’s been a while since these ladies have been full of the “Woooooos” as in “Wooooo, I got that!” It felt really good.

Combo 1

Part 1, Reverses:

Knee off the end (4)
Charleston on the side (4)
Across the board (4)
Karate Knee on the side (8)
Karate L-Step, beginning from the side (8)
Mambo Cha cha (4)

Part 2, Does not reverse:

2 Indecisions (16)
Curbwalk (8)
Knees Corner-to-Corner (8)

Combo 2

Part 1, Does not reverse:
2 V Steps (8)
2 knee repeater (4), 4 marches or a spin to the front of the step (4)
2 knee repeater (4), straddle(2), stomp (2)
Double stomp (5) Single Stomp (3) (Could be a stomp across, but remember, this was a “Basics” class!!)

Part 2, Reverses:
3-knee Repeater (8)
Mambo cha cha x2 (8)
2 Basics (8) (I threw in a Basic 360 for the first one when they were comfy…)
2 Over the tops (8)

Many many thanks to Frances, for contributing Part 2 of combo one to our Saturday class — you’re doing great girl! And additional thanks to StepJunkie. Part of why I don’t post much Step Choreo is because I steal all of hers…. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!


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