IDEA Certificate Programs

I just wanted to share a resource that I discovered in my inbox this afternoon. It seems that IDEA Health and Fitness Association is offering what they call IDEA Certificate Programs.  It’s a new program that provides access to workshops with some of their elite presenters via the internet. After progressing through this material (8 hours worth!) there is a test and you receive a certificate of completion from IDEA. I find this idea attractive for a variety of reasons:

  1. Attending major conferences is a big pain for me, not just because of the cost and taking the time off work, but I am a terrible traveler. If I have to get on a plane, count me out. This type of offering gives me access to the presenters I’m missing by not heading out to these events.
  2. The cost ($129 for non-members) is a pretty good deal for the number of CECs/CEUs that can be earned by completing the course. Who doesn’t want to save on CEUs?
  3. I can absorb these workshops on my schedule and take time to work through the concepts, rewind to catch the things I might miss. This is a great benefit! When you attend a conference, you tend to get mental overload from all of the sessions and information presented. This way, I can learn it instead of just get glazed over by it.

There is a downside. I notice that AFAA is not among the listed CEUs available for this course. I have no doubt that I could petition for them, but that would be an extra $30 or so. If you are certified with AFAA, as I am or through another not-listed program, you will also have this headache.

Check it out and let me know what you think of the concept. I plan to register and give it whirl. I’ll let you know how it goes when I am done!


2 thoughts on “IDEA Certificate Programs

  1. When I was talking to AFAA to get CECs for my ACE approved training I was told AFAA doesn’t recognize online learning from any source other than AFAA. If someone is able to successfully petition them to accept outside online CECs I would love to know about it.

    • Thank you for the valuable information, John. I have no doubt that you are correct, which would explain why AFAA is not listed on the site. I will look into it further, regarding this training specifically, and let you know of the outcome! Thanks again!

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