Spinning Profile: Adrenaline Rush (Rolling Hills Endurance)

Update: This ride was fantastic! I asked the class what they thought of it — the profile, music, movie and all — and got an enthusiastic thumbs up. Even if you can’t play the video while you are riding this one, you can paint the picture. There is an adrenaline rush that comes just from imagining what it might feel like to hurtle towards the earth, flipping and spinning and relying solely on the physics and construction of your parachute. Use that to fuel your ride! Have fun!

The title of this ride comes from the IMAX movie I will be playing on the video screens in our Spinning room during class. It is called Adrenaline Rush and it is an IMAX movie about Sky Divers. I was inspired by the movie to choose songs that are somwhat related to concept of flying or falling, so I guess you might consider this a theme ride. I haven’t ridden it yet, but I am incredibly excited about the music. Some of these songs would never fit into another playlist, but they match the energy and the movements we’ll be riding, so I am expecting great things!

The ride is basically 5 hills that gradually increase in length. We’re going for endurance and stamina with this one and we’ll be in the saddle for a while. It’s going to test our discipline and we’ll have to up the mental game. Are we up for the challenge?


This is a hard ride for a variety of reasons. The stated parameters of an Endurance Ride (EEZ) mean we will be working aerobically for the entire class. The goal is to keep the heart rate under 80%MHR for the whole ride. However, you and your riders will be pleasantly surprised by how difficult it is to keep your heart rate under 80%MHR. The test is to stay in control, to master the breath, and not allow yourself to cross the anaerobic or lactic thresholds. As the hills get longer, your body’s ability to cope with the onset of fatigue will come into play. Encourage your riders not to give up when the fatigue sets in, but to find ways to adapt to the workload.

As mentioned before, this is a ride of 5 hills. They last 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00 and 12:00 respectively. On each hill, there is a build up in the saddle, a brief period out of the saddle, and then a brief flat as we move to the next challenge. The ride is detailed in a Spreadsheet here:

2010-03-17 Rolling Hills Pyramid


The playlist and corresponding links are listed below. I used MixMeister to trim and blend songs to match the hills. I also worked meticulously to put the RWR/StC at just the right moment in the song.

Intro Songs

Warm Up

4:00 Hill

6:00 Hill

8:00 Hill

10:00 Hill

12:00 Hill

Cool Down

*** This song is incredible! Even if you haven’t seen Wicked, you can’t not be moved by Kerry Ellis’s rock version of the song. It is 157 bpm, so if you ride to the beat, like I tend to do, it is a challenging pace for the last bit of hill. It also has an inspirational message and all…. My riders loved it.

Here’s the full iMix:


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