Spinning Profile: Out and Back

This is an out and back that models riding out to the beach, playing in the water for a bit, then riding home. I showed IMAX: Coral Reef on our projector screens while we were riding to add to the fun! I also erred on the side of variety when choosing music, because I have an amazingly disparate group of riders in my new Wednesday 6:30 time slot. A little something for everyone, especially the gents this time.


This profile is an All-Terrain ride with an emphasis on steadily increasing and maintaining control over the effort. We sustain the work for the first 20 minutes, recover, then work steadily for another 20 minutes. Technically, it could be considered an interval ride, but there are only two long intervals. The terrain from home to beach is: flat road, bumpy road, hilly road, long slope up to the shoreline, and a steep descent down to the water. Turning around to come back, you have a steep climb, a long, gentle descent, a hilly road and then the final flat. The ride home gets cut a bit short due to time constraints, but I don’t believe anyone noticed.


You can download the pdf file here. I’ve found that it is just to messy to try to post the rides in the blog, so you’ll have to save this link:
Spinning Profile: Out and Back to the Beach

As you are reading the song times, please note that I have used DJ editing software to cut the length of each song to match my required effort.


Songs not on iTunes:
Omni Vista – These are the Moments Available at ccMixter.org


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