Spinning Profile: Interval Loops (IEZ)

I went back to teaching Spinning regularly at the start of January, and I am very excited to share with you the rides I’ve been doing with my class. The first profile I worked on was a modification of a Loop Ride from Pedal On. I modified it to make it very user-friendly. I wanted the very first class I taught to have a little something for everyone, be easy to coach, and not take too much out of me if I rode it along side them. It went over well, and I think I picked a decent mix for not knowing who I would have in the class. Everything is available in the links below. Take a look below:


Intervals provide an opportunity to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity. This ride consists of 4 interval periods. Each interval period is broken down into five movements and the movements are meant to facilitate a subtle raising and lowering of the heart rate in a fairly controlled manner. In the first three sets, each movement lasts 2 minutes before advancing. The last set has 3-minute movements for a total ride of 45 min. The short movement periods help time go by quicker and also allow less-conditioned participants to get the benefit of the hardest parts of the interval without needing to give up or sit out. This ride trains the heart at very specific output levels, so coach your riders to target a specific heart rate and keep it there until the parameter changes. This will improve discipline and help increase knowledge of what each zone feels like.

You can check out the details of the full ride here:
Interval Loops IEZ Ride Notes


And of course, what would the ride be without music?

The iMix is incomplete, as not every song is available on iTunes. Here are the links to the Mashups and Remixes:

  1. C&C Music Factory – Make You Sweat – Everybody Dance Now (Princess Ann Reconstruction Tribal Mix) (Download from Princess Ann)
  2. ToTom – Thundersexy (Download from last.fm)
  3. Mashuptown – The Spirit of Ray (Download from Mashuptown.com)
  4. The Fixx – One Thing Leads To Another (Rhythm Scholar Remix) (Download from RhythmScholar.com)


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