Spinning Instructors: Would Chris Carmichael take your class?

If you are an Indoor Cycling instructor and aren’t familiar with Chris Carmichael, please leave this blog immediately and go to Bicycling.com to start a subscription to the magazine outdoor riders read. Chris Carmichael is Lance Armstrong’s coach and he is an incredible resource not only for road racers, but for indoor cyclists as well. His training article in Bicycling Magazine this month is incredibly eye-opening and reveals quite a bit about the weaknesses of many indoor cycling classes. There are two big takeaways from his article: 1) develop your spinning profiles and teach your classes with a training purpose and 2) know your students. Adopting these two simple teaching habits will take your class to the top among gym rats and outdoor riders alike!

Here is his article: Q: Will an indoor-cycling class at my local gym help me in the winter?

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