Krankcycling is coming…

When I first heard of Johnny G’s new creation, the Krankcycle, I had what I’ve learned is the typical response: “Spinning with your arms?  Who’s going to do that?”  That was a year ago.  I should have known that with a man like Johnny G attached to it, the Krankcycle would once again revolutionize the fitness industry, just as Spinning changed the way we think about fitness nearly 15 years ago. 

Independent Crank Arms of a Krankcycle, image from

I have the awesome privilege to be on the sub list at EcoFitness, which was selected to be a beta site for Johnny’s krankcycles in 2007.   Even seeing the first Krankcycle models in action didn’t have me completely sold, because of all of the preconceived notions I had.  It is gorgeous and sexy compared to those horrible UBE machines that used to sit in the corner of my mom’s old gym, but I still assumed they were equivalents.  I was fully invested in the notion that you must use your legs in order to acheive any type of cardio benefit.  And I was a little afraid of change…

But then I was invited to participate in the certification workshop for teaching Krankcycling and in one day Jim Karanas, the CEO and Head of Education and Training for the Krankcycling College of Knowledge not only taught me something new and amazing about the potential of my body, he opened my eyes to a much needed and impeding change to the industry — Inclusive Fitness.  To say that what is coming is transformative and incredible is, in my mind, putting it lightly.  There are some other aspects of the training that I probably would not have been so receptive to had I not already found the deeper, philosophical side of Spinning; however, it is a shift in thinking that I believe is needed in our industry overall.  I’m interested to see if Kranking can bring the mind-body connection to the forefront of group fitness.

The Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix.  Image from

The Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix. Image from

To attempt to share with you all that I learned yesterday would be impossible, but I encourage you to start looking at Kranking.  Take a look at their website and explore the College of Knowledge.  And check back here from time to time.  Not only did I learn some incredible stuff yesterday, I felt the flame of passion about fitness reignited!  I cannot wait to share more with you as I learn more about Kranking (through 150-hours of practice!), so stay tuned…

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2 thoughts on “Krankcycling is coming…

  1. Krista: Thanks for coming to the training, listening and believing. The experience that is responsible for the KRANKcycle is unique. Johnny has more to offer us now than he ever has. Thank you for seeing that. I appreciate what you took the time to write.

  2. Krista. It was a pleasure to meet and Krank with you in Charleston. I live in an area where there are no Krankcycles for a few hundred miles. Dispite this, I’ve been able to generate so much intrest in the entire Kranking system that I have a waiting list of people who can’t wait to try the one Krankcycle I have comming to our gym in about a week. This, to me, speaks volumes in more than one way.

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