Teach your fitness classes in exotic destinations

Wouldn’t it be awesome to travel to exotic locations and spend your days on sun-drenched beaches? Have access to world-class resorts and live like the rich and famous? Maybe teach a class or two during the day, just to keep your shape and prevent getting too spoilt? What if I told you that you can?

Okay, maybe not forever, and maybe not without a few tradeoffs. However, there is an organization that places fitness instructors and personal trainers at some of the top destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. The deal? You, the instructor, agree to teach a class, sometimes two per day, in your specialty. Opportunities are available in general group fitness, indoor cycling, yoga, pilates, aqua, even tennis pros and chiropractors! In exchange, you get a full week stay at a top-notch resort for you and a guest, and, in some cases, your family. The website that arranges the bookings — fitnessprotravel.com — takes a fee for making the arrangement that I find very reasonable. I’ll be making my reservation as soon as my husband and I can agree whether to go to Brazil or Curacao…

Check it out! Even if you aren’t interested in travelling, the Fitness Pro Travel website has social networking tools for fitness instructors that provide opportunities for education, publicity, getting to know others in the field and more. Give it a look: fitnessprotravel.com


2 thoughts on “Teach your fitness classes in exotic destinations

  1. Fitbodies Inc is the real deal. My wife Amy and I have traveled with Suzelle (the owner) over 20 times to Jamaica and Mexico. If you can teach multiple formats, and not afraid of teaching in the sun, I would check it out.

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