Step Choreography: Easier than expected

Here are the step moves from the choreography I used in my intermediate step class on Monday. We had three beginners, so I took it a lot slower than usual, which turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. Have fun with these!

Combo 1

5-count mambo x2 (10)
3-count mambo x2 (6)
Basic 360 or reverse turn(4)
3-count mambo x2 (6)
stomp (2)
kick the corner (4)

Combo 2

hangover V (4) – R lead
squat the corner (4) – R lead
3 squat repeater (8) – L lead
power play (4) – R lead
crossover x2 or Scissor over the bench x2(8) – R & L
turn step (4) – R lead

Combo 3

2-knee repeater travel to the front of the bench(8) – R lead
“Touchdown” x2 or Charleston x2 (4) – L lead
Over-the-Top x3 (12) – L-R-L
Jumping jacks x2 (4) L-lead (if low impact) or none, Inc


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