Vertical Step Choreography

Here are the notes from last night’s step class. Please note that the choreography is meant for a vertical step, so turn those benches 90 degrees and let’s go!

Combo 1

Knee Straddle x2 (8)
Over the Top (4)
Jumpshots Corner-to-Corner (8)
Karate Knee (8)
2 Pivot turns (4)

Combo 2

Indecision (8)
2 Turnsteps (4)
2 L-steps starting from the side * (16)

Combo 3

Mambo, 3 triple steps to the other side **(8)
2 scissors over the top (8)
2 repeater straddles (16)

These are all self-reversing and pretty simple to teach. Don’t forget the moves are described on the Step Moves page. Enjoy!

*To start an L-step from the side of the bench, start from count 5 of a regular L- step: From the side, you will step tap on the bench (1 2), then exit (3 4), and begin a new L-step by step tapping on the bench opposite side (5 6) and step tapping off to the new side (7 8 )

**Mambo triples: Mambo R L (counts 1 2) triple step R-L-R to back up (3 & 4), triple step L-R-L to travel behind the step, toward the new side (5 & 6) triple step R-L-R to move to the bench on the new side (7 & 8 )


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