Spinning Profile: Take it off then put it back on

This ride was inspired by one of several Add-it-On rides on Pedal-on. It’s pretty much all-terrain, but it doesn’t feel like it is all over the place. This ride has a simple structure that allow a variety of heart rates, so it’s fun, and helps the time go by quickly. Here is the gist: The whole ride is broken down into 1 minute segments. We start off with a full circuit of segments (minus one) and explore nearly all of the positions and movements in Spinning. Then, each time we repeat the circuit, we take off one of the movements until we finish. Then, we repeat the circuit, adding the movements back one at a time until we finish. Simple, fun, challenging — just what you want from Spinning! There are also many coachable moments within this style of ride, so help your students treat each new minute of movement as its own opportunity for growth and strength. Here come the goodies:

The Playlist

I chose songs from Masterbeat for this one. The dance mixes available on Masterbeat are too much fun! My favorite feature is the Playlists tab, on the right side, hiding behind the New Releases. Here is where the DJs post the music they spin at a party or event. So fun! I picked Brett Henrichsen’s White Party 09 mix:


Brett’s full playlist is hours long — long enough for a great party! Here are the songs I couldn’t resist. They total a little more music than you’ll fit into a single class, so you might MixMeister these into a shorter playlist, or just jump through them, like I did. Either way, you will enjoy these!

  1. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Luis Erre 2006 Club Mix) (8:59)
  2. Tristan Gardne – Cancun Paradise (DJ Novament Re-Worked Mix) (8:19)
  3. Rihanna – Pon de Replay (Luis Erre Replay Club Mix) (8:10)
  4. Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough (Dirty South Remix) (7:52)
  5. Da Robsta & Frankly B f. MC Justice – Back to Da Old School (4:41)
  6. Lady GaGa – LoveGame (Dave Aude Club Mix) (7:09)
  7. Julian Marshall – Viva La Vida (Dance Mix) (6:29)
  8. Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love Alex Dubbing Orchestral) (9:34)

The Profile

As mentioned before, this is basically a circuit or a loop ride, but we decrease the movements by one each time we repeat, then add them back on.

Warm-Up: 5:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, J 1:00, SC 1:00, StC 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, J 1:00, SC 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, J 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, J 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, J 1:00, SC 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, J 1:00, SC 1:00, StC 1:00, R 1:00
FF 1:00, StF 1:00, J 1:00, SC 1:00, StC 1:00, JOH 1:00, R 1:00
Cool-Down: 5:00

Total: 55 minutes

FF: “Fast Flat” – Take your flat road with a quick cadence, but don’t forget the resistance!
StF: Standing Flat, sometimes called running. HP2
J: Jumps. Stay in control, leave them out if you’re new to cycling.
SC: Seated Climb – Don’t cheat yourself out of a real hill — the interval only lasts a minute!
StC: Standing Climb – Add more resistance and push to the top of a short hill.
JoH: Jumps on a Hill – Final move. Keep a reasonable tempo, but take the last minute to push the heart to its own grand finale.


Masterbeat Plugged In 234x60


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