Spinning Profile: "Know Thyself" Endurance Ride

Getting back on the bike after my maternity hiatus has been an amazing learning experience for me. I have not worked my way into a permanent class slot, so all of my practicing and tweaking has been just for me. But the new insights I’ve gained into my own body and how I’m feeling and functioning right now are only going to improve the quality of the classes I will be teaching in the future, no doubt.

In that light, I’d like to present another Endurance Profile for you to digest this week. I call it the “Know Thyself” ride, because it is meant to allow your riders to explore what is happening within themselves while Spinning. This ride will keep the heart rate under 80% for the entire duration. Naturally, if you have riders who need to top this heart rate, the ride can be easily modified for their needs without sacrificing the experience for your other students.

The Profile

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It is a very simple loop. I like rides that you don’t have to think much about, especially when I am expecting my class to focus on their internal experiences too. This should feel natural and every transition should flow, so that the ride is one continuous motion. Don’t stop for a break, but do keep the water and breath flowing for the whole ride.

Warm-Up, effort <= 65%, 5 min
Flat, effort = 65%-70%, 6 min
Standing Flat, effort = 75%-80%, 4 min
Flat, effort = 70%-75%, 6 min
Seated Climb, effort = 75%-80%, 4 min
Flat, effort = 75%-80%, 6 min
Standing Flat, effort = 75%-80%, 4 min
Flat, effort = 70%-75%, 6 min
Seated Climb, effort = 75%-80% 4
Cool-Down, effort <= 65%, 5 min
Stretch, 5-10 min

The Focus

  • Moving naturally and comfortably. Are you fighting against yourself in the saddle or are you able to settle in and let the work happen? Examine your body throughout the ride for spots of tension and take action to release them.
  • Being consistent. Can you maintain a steady pace for the duration of the ride? Are you struggling to maintain your heart rate without a break or designated rest? Have you become too reliant on your recovery intervals?
  • Improving your inner dialogue. What kind of things are you saying to yourself as you ride? Are you being kind to yourself? Encouraging? Could you speak your thoughts out loud to the whole room? Be your own coach and give yourself the postive energy and self-love you need.
  • Steady, purposeful breath. How’s your breathing? Is it labored? Is it supporting your efforts? Can you slow it down and stay in control?
  • Commitment. Are you here for the right reasons? Are you able to forget about all else and focus on becoming a better rider today?

There is a lot of room for personal growth in this ride. I hope you all have a great time finding something new to work on and hopefully make better friends with your bikes and your riders today!

The Music

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

NOW That’s What I Call Music Vol 30

Club Anthems

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