Up Up Down Down, Basic Step then Turn Around

I think that Step Aerobics are our generation’s version of Square Dancing. Sometimes I feel like a Square Dance Caller! That was our running joke through class this past Monday. All I’m missing is “Bow to Your Partner.” Maybe I’ll work that in next week. 🙂

Here’s this week’s Step Choreography. We had a lot of fun with it, especially all the “down down up ups.” I threw in a funky kick move on top of the bench in Combo 2. If you’re not a fan of flair, then 2 marches can be substituted nicely. This is probably how you will layer anyway.

I also found several “Top 40 DJ Mixes” on Napster that we got to jam out to. I am a huge fan of Lady GaGa — she’s been played lots on the radio, but I haven’t gotten tired of her yet! She’s on Volume 10 of My Fitness Mixes Top 40 DJ Mix. It’s 30 minutes long, so I threw Volume 9 in there too. You guys are going to have a blast! JUST DANCE!

Here are the links and then the moves:


Top 40 DJ Mix Vol 10

My Fitness Music - Top 40 DJ Mix Vol 10 (Non-Stop DJ Mix for Treadmill, Walking, Stair Climber, Elliptical, Cycling, Walking, Dynamix Fitness)


Top 40 DJ Mix Vol 9

My Fitness Music - Current Top 40 DJ Mix, Vol. 9 (Non-Stop Mix for Walking, Jogging, Elliptical, Stair Climber, Treadmill, Biking Exercise)




Turnstep A-Step x2 (16) (this moves you around the bench)
L-step (8)
Leg side corner-to-corner (8)

Combo 2

2 knee repeater (4)
March L-R on the floor, L-R on the bench (4)
4 alternating lunges L-R-L-R(8)
Kick the left foot across (count 1) kick the left foot to the left side (count 2) **this can be funky or functional — it’s up to you to have some fun!
Step down L-R (count 3 4)
Charleston (4)
Karate Knee (8)

Combo 3

Criss-Cross Repeater (8)
Mambo Cha-Cha x2 (8)
Basic 360 (4)
Over the top x2 (8)
Mamba (4)

Online yoga videos at mypypeline.com


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