Please Don't Stop the Music! How to eliminate pauses between CD tracks

Raise your hand if you downloaded the Mamma Mia mix from last week’s Step Choreography post and were totally rocking it out, loving the energy, partying like a rock star and then WHAM!!!  Deafening obnoxious pause as track 1 ended and the CD player waited for track 2 to begin?  ARRRRGH!!!   I imagine that when an elephant trips and falls it feels about the same as having that irritating 2 second lull interrupt your flow.  I can’t stand it in my Spinning or Pilates classes either, which is why I started DJ’ing my music long ago.  You can too!  There are ways to avoid that annoying pause, but beware — it could take a bit of effort.

Option One:  Download a non-stop mix instead of individual tracks.  Unfortunately, Mamma Mia doesn’t come with a non-stop mix, but other titles are available through Napster and iTunes.   Yes, you can buy an entire class of music for $0.99.   Here are a few you can try:

  • Total Workout: Ibiza Dance Mix – 30 Minute Non-Stop Fitness Music Mix. (130 – 134BPM)
  • iSweat Fitness Music, Vol. 69: DJ Mixes
  • iSweat Fitness Music, Vol. 74: More Madonna

Option Two:  Adjust the settings of your CD Burning software.  You’ll need to check the help files for the specific software that you are using.  These options may or may not be available depending on what program you are using to burn your disc.  I can already tell you that if you are using Windows Media Player you are stuck with those gaps, because these options don’t exist.  However, some software, such as Roxio CD Creator and Nero, allows you to modify your burn settings to get the results you want.  After you create your burn list, select your options or settings feature and look for the following:

  1. “Disc-at-Once” — as opposed to “Track-at-once.”  All by itself, this setting won’t do anything about the gaps in your CD; but, Disc-at-Once recording is a prerequisite for being able to control the length of the gap (down to zero seconds).
  2. “Length of Pre-Gap”/”Pause Between Songs”/etc — They all have a different name for it, but look for the setting that explicitly says “Remove the gap between songs” or allows you to set a pause length of zero seconds between songs.  This might be a setting that applies to the entire disc or to each individual song.  You’re going to have to hunt around in your help files to figure out what actual steps to take.

Even with these settings selected, you may still experience a brief hesitation or a click as the CD moves on to the next song.  It usually isn’t long enough to throw off your counting, but it may be just annoying enough to drive you to try the next choice…

Option Three:  Become a DJ with Audio Editing Software.  I have been using Sony Acid Music ($55), which is really intended for musicians.  With editing software, I can lay out tracks, add cross fade, match up beats, figure out the BPM of any song, add sound effects, and a number of other fun things!!  I don’t recommend Acid Music for you, unless you are a musician on the side and want to produce your own demo tapes.  Instead, there is DJ software available that does similiar things in a much more intuitive format.  Ones to shop around for include:  Sony CD Architect ($130), MixMeister Express ($50), or Free Audio DJ Mixer (Free).  Please note:  I have not used any of these titles and they don’t come with any explicit recommendation.  I only checked the features to get an idea that they would accomplish our goal — it’s your job to shop smart this time!!


2 thoughts on “Please Don't Stop the Music! How to eliminate pauses between CD tracks

    • Thanks for the compliment, Walt!! But be warned… removing the pauses from an indoor cycling class may cause your students to wonder aloud, “But when do we get to rest?”

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