Mammia Mia! How Can I Resist You? – Step Choreography

So, I found a Mamma Mia workout mix on Napster yesterday. Guess what song keeps playing over and over in my head? I am still laughing with glee. Not just because I am an Abba lunatic, but also because last night I taught my first step class since the baby was born. Even though I began with all of the fear and doubt of a first-timer, we all had a great time! I’d like to take some of the credit, but I swear it was because I was playing Mamma Mia! Your classes will love it, too; give it a try:

Mamma Mia! Fitness Grooves from iSweat Fitness Music:

It is a really fun mix.  Of course, you have to get past the cover singers, but we barely noticed them!  Now, what is a step class without step moves?  Without further ado, I give you the choreography:

Combo 1

2 Shuffle Strolls
“2 knees then Ski”

Combo 2

Karate Knee
Mambo cha cha x2
Over the top x3, jog around the bench

Combo 3

V-step V-slide
3 knee repeater straddle
kick straddle x3 hop turn

You can find explanations for every move here on the Choreography Notes page: Step Moves.

Have fun!


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