Spinning Profile: Individual Time Trial

Today’s profile is heavily influenced by a ride I took at Florida MANIA.  It was called “Ultimate Time Trial” and it was presented by Schwinn Cycling Master Trainer Keli Roberts.   Keli is an avid road racer and had a great deal of personal detail to share with us about racing and time trialing.  It was very inspiring to be taught the technique of racing by a rider who has won road races.  Not only that, but Keli is an absolutely charming lady with great coaching ability and a constant smile.  Even at the high point of the race, she was glowing and cheering us on.  Quite motivating.

What I took away from her presentation and the ride was a new appreciate for time trials and how to structure a class around them.  After guiding us through the appropriate heart rate ranges and describing the race atmosphere to us, we were off on both an Individual Time Trial and then a Team Time Trial.  The profile here provides only an Individual Time Trial.   After a nice “long” warm-up (it’s about a third as long as a real racer would warm up, but we’ve got time constraints!), riders race against the clock, because that is what a time trial is.  In a time trial, racers start in intervals of :30, so it is just you, your bike and the road, fighting to get to the finish line with a faster time than all other riders.  Therefore, you ride at the peak of your aerobic zone for the length of the race, finally pushing over the AT at the very end.  It is intense, it is a huge challenge, and done right, it can be immensely fun.  It is basically a strength ride (SEZ), because you want to push 85% for the majority of the ride.  However, with the long warm up and big AT push at the end, it might be better classified as All-Terrain.  Whatever you call it, it is not for beginners, so make sure you’ve taken precautions and thoroughly trained your riders for this type of ride. 

I’ve put together a playlist and a ride structure that adapts what I learned from Kelli to my class and my rider’s abilities.  The ride itself is attached as a PDF here: individual-time-trials.  Download and Enjoy!

  • 1. Cha Cha – Chelo
  • 2. Faster Kill Pussycat by Paul Oakenfold
  • 3. Ride (Tiësto Ext Remix) by Cary Brothers
  • 4. Blast The Speakers by Warp Brothers
  • 5. Shango by Angélique Kidjo
  • 6. The Bird And The Worm by The Used
  • 7. Palladio by Silent Nick
  • 8. The Spirit of Ray Mashup, only on Mashuptown
  • 9. Preliator by Globus
  • 10. Shake Your Body by Michael Jackson
  • 11. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
  • 12. Privilege by Balligomingo

One thought on “Spinning Profile: Individual Time Trial

  1. I love your site 🙂 I am a Spin Junkie in Santa Rosa, CA for the last 10 years…teaching for the last 2 and just love your blogs, feedback, music, etc. I look forward to all of your wonderful information…thank you 🙂

    Happy Spinning~


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