Why I Think You'll Love iTrain

I am really hard to impress.  At least, when it comes to buying stuff.  I have what my grandma calls the blood of a “Scotch-Irish Indian” which accounts for all or most of my penny-pinching, value-searching, non-impulse-buying characteristics.  I’m a tough sell, and for good reason — I worked hard for this money and I’m not a fool to be soon parted with it!

That said, when I find a product that I find particularly valuable or that is money well-spent, I enjoy sharing it with the friends I think can benefit from it.   That’s why I want to tell you about a program I joined just before Christmas 2007, called iTRAINiTRAIN is an excellent place to download workouts to your iPod/mp3 Player for use on traditional cardio equipment or in the weight room.  At first, I was skeptical of the concept.  I mean, I am a Fitness Instructor for goodness’ sake.  I can do this stuff on my own, right?  However, I went for it and have gotten several benefits from using the program.

ABC #2:  Be a Student

In Three Things Every Instructor Should Do, I discussed why it is important for instructors to be students as well.  However, my schedule was preventing me from attending other instructors’ classes as frequently as I wanted.  By using iTRAIN, I get the benefit of learning from another instructor on my own schedule.  Plus, I am guaranteed to get a great workout with iTRAIN whereas with some instructors …  you don’t know what you are in for!  iTRAIN also offers a variety of formats that allow me to sample a new style without the concern that I will have wasted my time.  Turning off my mp3 player is much easier than sneaking out of a class I don’t like!

Cheap Space Saver

I used to buy videos and DVDs to accomplish the “workout on my own schedule” while still learning from a skilled professional.  However, a DVD is upwards of $20 and they can be space hoggers once your collection gets growing.  I prefer that iTRAIN is a downloadable mp3 I can keep forever on my jump drive, which is the size of my thumb.  And the cost — $0.99 – $6.99 per workout?  Doesn’t even compare to what I used to spend on DVDs.  In fact, I signed up for the monthly motivator package.  I get three workouts per month for less than the cost of a single video.

Pick Up New Cues

The instructors at iTRAIN are some of the West Coast’s best and they have a way of speaking that is encouraging and motivating.  I have found new ways of connecting with my students by borrowing the cues and motivation provided by the iTRAIN instructors.  I also have a chance to be reminded of what other’s in my classes might be thinking or needing to hear, which is one of the toughest things for me as an instructor.

There are more reasons why I think you’ll love iTRAIN and I invite you find out for yourself.  It is rare that a product impresses me this much and I am really excited to share it with you!  I believe that you, too, will find it is money well-spent.


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