What's going on?

My dear readers,

Before I get back to sharing the goodies with you, I feel the need to offer a little bit of personal information.  As this blog has never been so much about ME and what’s going on in my life as it has been about conveying pertinent information about experiences I’ve had to you, I have had little reason to provide explanantions about where I’ve been or what I am up to.  However, given my current circumstances, and how they are affecting my ability to focus on this blog, I think I ought to say a little something just to keep you “in the know.”

I recently learned (right around birthday time — what a gift)  that I am going to be having my second child.  My husband and I are overjoyed, but, as you moms can attest and others can imagine, my energy level has dipped way down.  I find myself conserving at work and home as much as possible so that I can give when it really counts — in class, with my family, and when work pressure demands it.  The other phenomenon I am experiencing is what I call “Heavy Brain.”  My thoughts are very cloudy and thinking seems laborious to me.  To that end, this blog, being somewhere at mid-level in my priority list, will from time to time go unattended.   I have to keep myself balanced, and I hope you will understand. 

I look forward to getting to Trimester 2 when the energy returns and I will most certainly be posting whatever pre-natal experience might be useful to you as instructors who have not had the fun of bearing children.  Check back from time to time and keep me in your prayers!  Also, for those of you who have provided your comments and emailed me your thoughts, I thank you.  It is very helpful and encouraging to know what has been working for you!  I hope you will keep sharing.




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