Happy Birthday to GFP!

It may not be very incredible to you, but I am astonished that it has been exactly one year since my very first post on this blog.  It has been an incredible year, and I am still amazed and humbled by how rewarding this process has been.  I had the honor of being interviewed (first one ever — how fun!) a couple of months ago, and if you have ever wondered what my purpose in doing this whole thing is, you can read it on Biray’s blog

I think birthdays are the perfect opportunity to reflect on the milestones of our life and to measure ourselves against the goals that we have set.   Have I grown and gotten closer to my ideals?  Where have I fallen short?  What did I learn along the way? 

 My initial goals for Group Fit Power were very simple:  provide valuable content and advice to other group fitness instructors and see if anyone is interested in what I have to say.  Well, it appears that you *are* interested; and, even I have found my own advice to be valuable, as writing on each of these topics reminds me not only to “practice what I preach” but also to be sure that what I “preach” isn’t hype, and it isn’t over-fluffed.

 Many thanks to you for returning here regularly to find spinning profiles, choreography and tips on being a better-than-average instructor.  As we move into year 2, I hope to find new ways to provide content and useful tools for you.  I am working to take this blog further, and I hope you will come with me!

 Finally, if you have been lurking (and, yes, you have), please take a moment today to leave a comment.  There are ways to do it anonymously, so you don’t have to sign up for anything.  I would love to hear any thoughts you have about what we can add to this concept to give you more of what you were looking for when you landed here.  What tools do you want to have access to?  What content do you want more of (or less of)?  I appreciate you and want to hear your thoughts.  Please take a second and say hello.  Letting me know how you can be better served is definitely a good thing for you!!  If you aren’t comfortable with commenting, you can email me:   ABCkmXYZleopold123 [AT ] yahoo [DOT] com.  To actually reach my email box, you will need to remove the ABC, XYZ, and 123 and then make the appropriate [replacements].  Have to outsmart the spam bots, you know.

 So, Happy Birthday, GFP!  It has been a fun year, and I couldn’t have done it without you!


One thought on “Happy Birthday to GFP!

  1. Happy Birthday!! Congrats on reaching the 1-year milestone. You’ve been an incredible online resource to all fellow group exercise instructors and fitness professionals! Looking forward to another great year ahead!

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