Spinning Profile: IEZ #3 (3-3) Intervals

This is the third ride in a series that started with my post about a teaching plan I used for the month of January, 3 Weeks of Intervals.  Ride #3, which I affectionately refer to as “Even Stevens” was my favorite ride.  The music was a super-fun mix of Hard Rock and Retro Pop that was inspired by a mix I got from a CD Tree. 

Music, Maestro:

Listen to these tracks on Napster: Play All

“Right Now (Remastered Album Version)” by Van Halen
“Even Flow” by Pearl Jam
“Man In The Box” by Alice in Chains
“Vertigo” by U2
“Shadowplay” by The Killers
“Strict Machine” by Goldfrapp
“You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi
“Here Comes The Rain Again [Remastered Version]” by Eurythmics
“You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” by Dead or Alive
“Heaven Is A Place On Earth” by Belinda Carlisle
“Heart Of Glass” by Blondie
“Riding The Waves (Album)” by Afro Celt Sound System
“When You’re Falling (Album)” by Afro Celt Sound System
“Time And Tide” by Basia

I used Acid Music Pro to get each song to three minutes each, with the exception of the wam up and cool down songs.  Here is the profile:

1.  Right Now (5:00 ) Today’s ride is going to require self-discipline and determination.  Settle in and set your sights on having strong work intervals and energizing recovery efforts.

2.  Even Flow (3:00) Run with Resistance.   This first interval helps us get things started, without having to leap into the heart rate stratosphere.  Increase resistance and cadence to bring heart rates up to 80-85% and commit to it.  Each interval will require you to sustain the high effort throughout the 3 minutes. Focus on perfecting the form and improving your standing pedal stroke.

 3.  Man in the Box (3:00) Flat Road.  This is not a kick back and relax recovery.  None of them are.  Lighten up to a flatter road, but increase the tempo and keep it up so that you are riding at 75% effort. 

4.  Vertigo (3:00) Jumps.  We take our perfect standing pedal stroke and take smooth and even jumps for 3 minutes.  You’ll have to determine the right tempo and frequency from the beginning to sustain your 80-85% effort for the full three minutes.

5.  Shadowplay (3:00) Flat Road.  Again, return to 75% and sustain it.  You can be seated or stand up, but keep the heart rate even.

6. Strict Machine (3:00) Seated Climb.  Turn up the resistance and turn a big big gear with all of your energy.  Focus on consistency.  Let your pedal strokes be never-ending and balanced and your heart get back up to 80-85%.

7.  You Give Love a Bad Name (3:00) Flat Road.  Here we grow again.  Resist the temptation to unload completely.  Come right back to your 75% range and stay with it.  Here is where discipline is key.

8.  Here Comes the Rain Again (3:00) Standing Climb.  Turn it up again, and come out of the saddle.  Don’t let your standing position relieve you of your workload.  Find the heaviest hill you can take and climb it like you are serious about getting to the top in a hurry.  80-85% again.

9.  You Spin Me (3:00)  75%.  Whatever it takes to get there and stay there — riders choice.

10.  Heaven is a place on earth (3:00).  Jumps on a hill to get back up to 85%.  Hang in there!

11.  Heart of Glass (3:00) 75%.  You have one more effort.  Get ready to get it done.

12.  Riding the Waves (3:00) 85% – With whatever you have left in your legs, take a seated flat with moderate resistance and a quick cadence: 95-100, maybe as high as 110 if you can sustain it with control for 3 minutes.  The resistance will be key here – so root yourself to your saddle and get the last little bit from those legs.  It is not sprints — it is a full 3 minutes outside of your comfort zone almost like a time trial.

13.  When You’re Falling (4:00) Cool Down!  Release the effort and enjoy your successes — give yourself several well-deserved compliments!

14.  Time and Tide (4:00) Stretch and delight in how great you feel after working so hard.



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