Oddly Useful Tip #4: Share the Love!

I know it’s quite en vogue these days to be “Anti-Valentine’s Day” and that trashing one of the most benign holidays left in our culture is the way to go.  However, I offer you a challenge.  Whether you have someone special to honor with a romantic sentiment, or you accuse Hallmark of hijacking the day, I challenge you all to find a way to share the love with someone who doesn’t have it as good as you do. 

Last night I had the privilege of getting on board with a fundraiser that will raise money for Pattison’s Academy.  The kids at Pattison’s Academy have multiple disabilities that make it nearly impossible for them to have a quality of life you and I would find bearable.  Their families struggle daily with their care needs, and schools (namely here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina where I live) do not have adequate facilities or staff to provide the therapy and learning opportunities they need.  I have pledged my time and money to support a 4-hr Spinning Marathon to benefit this very deserving group of kids and the people who care enough to give them a better life. 

 Today, on the day dedicated to showing others how much you love them, I encourage you to find someone who needs your love and share it with them.  Even if you are anti-Valentine, there is someone out there who could use your hug, your smile, or your presence today.  You could make a donation to a cause that improves the lives of others, or take some time to be with the infirmed, the elderly or the lonely.  It doesn’t have to be grandiose — every small act of kindness has larger effects than we realize.  Don’t hold back on sharing the love!

 Happy Valentine’s Day!


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