Resolutionary Results for a Happy New Year!

You really can’t say the words “New Year” without that sneaky word “Resolutions” floating up in the back of your mind or escaping your lips.  Ah, yes, New Year’s Resolutions.  What would be the point of celebrating a whole new year if we didn’t all experience the anticipation and hope that a fresh start brings?  “Get busy living or get busy dying,” right?  If a New Year is what it takes to get you into gear, then bring on the power!

Whether you set them for yourself or not, you can’t escape them.  For the next few months, your classes will be full of fresh faces, ready to make good on their promises to REALLY do it this time.  These students are looking to you to help them make it to their goal, so you might want to consider adding motivational cues to your teaching that will help them stick with it.  Coach them and become a source of encouragement and empowerment with some of these one-liners and habits:

  1. 1. Set a good example.  Make your own resolutions and share your journey with your students.  Or, describe a time you overcame a limitation or boundary.  Be an inspiration through your own dedication!
  2. 2. Congratulate your students on making it to class everytime they are there, and thank them for taking time to be in class.  Help them see that they have already overcome the hardest part of regular exercise — getting there!  At the end, point out how great it is to feel this good and to remember how powerful this sense of accomplishment makes them feel.
  3. 3. “Never judge an activity by how you feel about starting it.  Judge it by how you will feel when it is over.”  This is the best advice!  No matter how unmotivated you feel, even ten minutes of exercise can improve your outlook and help spur you on to your goal.  Teach them to focus on the rewards and benefits, not how cold it is, tired you are, grumpy you feel…. 
  4. 4. “The journey of 1000 days begins with a single step.”  Continuing to put one foot in front of the other is the hard part.  Remind your students that consistency is the only way to make it happen.  In the beginning, it will be a chore, but if they keep up their new habit, eventually it will become second nature.
  5. 5. Help them visualize themself as the person they are striving to become.  Breaking bad habits requires a change in the way we think about ourselves and our abilities, so allow yourself to think and feel like that newer version of yourself does. 
  6. 6. Think of when you have accomplished something that seemed impossible at the time.  What sources of strength helped you make it through?  Draw on those powers now and every time you feel weakness or temptation to quit.

Resolutions require resolution, so be RESOLUTE!  Lead your students to their own personal goals and maybe even reach a few of your own.  Best wishes and Happy New Year!


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