New Year's Over and Back

update:  I’ve added the playlist on Napster!  Enjoy!

note:  The ride is actually *not* an “over and back” ride.  It is a progression of four hills that I named incorrectly.  However, rather than destroy the links created for this title, I’ll keep it as-is, and just let you know this one is better described as an interval hill progression.  Sorry for any confusion! 

Hey folks!

The new year lasts as long as you want it to…  sort of like Christmas, it lives on in your heart throughout the year if you let it.  This playlist could serve your purpose in the next week or two or bring it out again when you want your group thinking about celebrating new beginnings.  The profile is really simple and quite challenging.  I shortened and blended the music in Acid Music 6.0 to get the timing I wanted, but you can do it however you want, of course!  Enjoy!

Profile basics:  Intervals/Rolling Hills:  Heart Rate 70%-90% give or take.  You will hit four hills that last 4/6/8/10 minutes with recovery between each.


1 – Final Countdown, Europe (4:50) 117 bpm.  Warm up.  Get the blood flowing and set your intentions.  Remember, resolutions require you to be resolute if you want to accomplish your goals, so commit to the ride!

2 – New Year’s Day, U2 (4:20) 133 bpm.  Start a moderate hill and take the first 2 minutes in the saddle, then come up to run with resistance the rest of the song.

3 – I Love You (BT Mix), Sarah McLachlan (5:26) 136 bpm.  Use the intro to this song to recover, approximately one minute.  Then start hill number 2.  Choose a hill that matches your ability to work.  If you are weak, baby hill.  If you are strong, gear up!  2 minutes climbing in the saddle, 2 minutes running with resistance, then transition to a standing climb.  Gear up as necessary as the hill increases under your tires.

4 – Celebration, Kool & the Gang (3:40) 121 bpm.  Let your hill get heavy as you slow down your standing climb and fight to the top of this hill (still on #2).  Stay steady and focused to the top.  Climb 2 minutes, then recover the rest of the song.  Celebrate!

5 – Love Exotico, Kakoulli (6:25) 130 bpm.  Start your third climb and analyze your performance on the last two hills.  Make this hill be your ultimate match.  Where you held back on the two previous hills, let your determination rule as you throw on as much resistance as you can take.  Now climb like you mean it!  2 minutes seated, 2 minutes running, 2 minutes standing climb, then sit again and keep the saddle through the song transition.

6 – Feel Good Inc, Gorillaz (3:43) 135 bpm.  Let your cadence increase as the song energy increases.  Stick to saddle and turn the biggest chain you can, go for 1 minute, then stand 1 minute.  Finish the song with recovery.

7 – I Need You (Remix), York (7:43) 138 bpm.  [You’ll only need 5 minutes of this song.  I edited out the middle, but you can just jump ahead at 5 min.]  Final hill.  If you aren’t on track to leave the room with the ride you came here for, make the adjustments now for the ride you want.  Find the biggest hill you can face.  2 Minutes in the saddle, 2 minutes running, 1 minute standing climb – stand through song transition.

8 – Spiritus Khayyam, Globus (5:11) 142 bpm.  Stay standing and keep it here for 1 minute.  Keep your resistance (add more if you are feeling it!) and come to the saddle.  Turn that big chain with everything you’ve got in the saddle for 2 minutes.  Finish with a final resistance add and come back to a Standing Climb for 2 minutes.

10 – You Ain’t Got Love, Todd Carey (3:27) 102 bpm.  Recover!  Finish it well.  Take the time to breathe and come back down the hill in your time.

11 – Tai Chi Ch’uan Way and Meditation (7:23) 53 bpm.  Stretch and celebrate your work!

Happy New Year!


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