Spinning Profile: Race Day

Race Day – Spinning Profile

I have been blessed with a great group of regulars who attend my 6:00 am Spinning classes religiously every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  After a year of seeing them twice a week and knowing without question they were ready to Race, we agreed to train and have a weekend race.  We focused on Strength and Interval rides that gradually increased their workload and ability to stay at a high intensity for extended periods of time.  Finally, this weekend we had our race.  It was an exciting event and even though I was nervous to try and teach this Energy  Zone for the first time, the riders proved to me that once again, it has less to do with the teacher and everything to do with the riders.  You guys rock!! 

Here is the playlist that we used.  The profile came word-for-word from the Profile provided to Spinning Members for September 2007.  All that is special here is the music I selected and the cues that I provided.  However, even those require a huge shoutout to the folks who provide their quotables on Pedal-On.com  Without those inspirations, I don’t know if I’d had a word to say!  If all goes well, you will find an excel spreadsheet attached to this post which has the moves, songs and cues I used.  I have noted song lengths here, however, I used Sony Acid Music 6.0 to DJ the mix up so that all songs would be exactly as long as I wanted.  I also used the software to use only the parts of the songs I wanted, usually the part after the build up where energy was high.  Update:  I attached a PDF file, because wordpress won’t allow Excel files.  I realize it a bit hard to read, so prepare to use your magnifying glass!!

So, enjoy and good luck with your own Race Days.  It’s a good time!

 4:00 Busindre Reel – Hevia
4:00 Joi – Indie
3:00 We Will Rock You – [Unknown Cover]
4:00 Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd
4:00 Another One Bites the Dust – Rhythm Scholar Remix
3:00 Dream of Me – Anggun
4:00 Barracuda – Heart
6:00 Riding the Waves – Afro Celt Sound System
7:00 Conga Fury – Juno Reactor
4:00 Devil Inside – INXS
3:00 Thnks fr th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy
5:00 Amma – James Asher
6:00 Into the Light – Tya
6:00 Different Role – Spinning Vol 12
6:00 Transcience – Parijat


2 thoughts on “Spinning Profile: Race Day

  1. I just wanted to thank you for this race day profile! I used it with my class last night and they love it! all the coaching cues were right on!!! THEY LOVED IT! THANK YOU!
    PS – One of my regulars loved the “Pain is only weakness leaving the body” quote!=

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