Oddly Useful Tip #2: The Easy Way to Wake Up Earlier

If you are like me and promise yourself on a regular basis that you will wake up earlier to get more done, but just can’t seem to shake the habit of staying in bed until the last minute, this tip is for you.  Granted, the usefulness of the tip has limited shelf life:  Today is Friday, November 2 and tomorrow night we’ll set our clocks back one hour in honor of Daylight Savings time.  Of course, you can mimic your own version of Daylight Savings time any day of the year.  However, if you are reading this on Friday or Saturday, here’s the tip:  DON’T CHANGE YOUR CLOCK.  That’s right.  If you keep operating on your current schedule, you will naturally and normally wake up one hour earlier than the rest of the DST-honoring world.    On Sunday morning, with your clock unchanged you will wake up when your clock says it is your usual wake up time.  For me, this is 5:30 am.  However, the actual time of day will be 4:30 am, and after doing my usual morning routine, I will have that one extra hour I have been desperate to obtain.  An extra hour to give my dog a bit more exercise, to start the day with prayer and meditation, to get myself organized instead of scrambling to cover my bases throughout the day…. 

Try it yourself.  See if it helps you get up earlier and get more done.  If you are reading this and missed daylight savings time, you can try to fake it by setting your clocks one hour ahead and operating on that time.  I have trouble with this one, because I can’t outsmart myself.  With the DST trick, I keep going on my natural rhythm, so I don’t anticipate needing to talk myself into the correct time.

Good luck!  Happy early rising!


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