Spinning Profile: 90-Minute Endurance Ride

This is a Spinning Profile for a ride that totals 80 minutes on the bike plus 10 minutes of stretching for a 90 minute profile.  I got my students up extra early one morning for this ride that went over really well.  Because the ride was a first for them and for me as an instructor, I kept it very simple and mostly motivational.  Also, I didn’t want them to fall asleep, so half-way through, the profile changes from a EEZ to a SEZ. Therefore, “Endurance” in the title really only means “able to endure the bike for a long time.”

Here are the playlist and profile. After the profile, I have included a series of motivational cues to get you through the ride. 


  • 1. Indra – Thievery Corporation
  • (05:24)
Warm Up, focusing on settling into the journey.
  • 2. Air Batucada – Thievery Corporation
  • (04:47)
Continue warming up, addressing the breath and mental outlook for the ride.
  • 3. Revolution & Rise – Gionfriddo Bros
  • (07:09)
A long a winding flat road that carries us off on our way. Use a slight adds of resistance to bring the workload to a moderate 70% of max. Can also perform pedal drills to prepare the legs for the long ride.
  • 4. Follow the Light – Tya
  • (06:11)
We will come out of the saddle for the first time and either stay in a standing flat or begin a series of slow, controlled jumps.
  • 5. Alone Tonight – Above & Beyond
  • (11:17)
Return to your seated flat for 1-2 minutes, then gently roll over two small rolling hills that bring you to position 3 and allow you to climb in the saddle for 1-2 minutes each. You have lots of time to play with these hills and craft them into exactly what you need to let your spirits rise. Heart Rates should come no higher than 75%.
  • 6. Amma – James Asher
  • (06:43)
Allow the road to rise underneath you as you build up a hill that will allow to push a litle harder. If you are fatigued or weary, a standing flat/run with resistance is an option.
  • 7. Subandallah – Parijat
  • (09:53)
Students choice. Flat Road to either back off and prepare for the second half or to press onward with a rising hill or even a potty break.
  • 8. Read My Mind Ext. Mix – The Killers
  • (07:19)
Medium rolling hill with a seated climb for 3 minutes, resistance load each minute, then stand for 2:30. Run with resistance 1:00, flat road 1:00.
  • 9. Fall On Me – Gionfriddo Brothers
  • (05:06)
Begin 2 longer, larger rolling hills with seated climb for 4.5 minutes, adding resistance each 1:30 Then start a standing climb.
  • 10. Glow – Unkle
  • (07:58)
  • UNKLE - Self Defense - Glow (Hybrid Mix)
  • Not Available on Napster
Complete the standing climb – 3 minutes, then RWR 1:00, flat 1:00. Use the last 3 minutes for the seated climb of the last rolling hill. Add resistance every minute.
  • 11. Coqueta – Kinky
  • (03:41)
Standing Climb fast and strong for the whole song.
  • 12. Chain – The Fire Theft
  • (03:42)
Flat Road to cool down
  • 13. Most Beautiful Splendor – Parijat
  • (04:00)
Additional cool down road, if needed.
  • 14. Snow on the Sahara – Anggun
  • (04:19)
  • 15. Operator – Toby Lightman
  • (04:16)
  • Toby Lightman - Operator - Single - Operator
  • Napstericon
Additional Stretching

Motivational Thoughts/Cues

1.  Settle In.   Remove your thoughts.  Shed your exterior and get raw.  Allow yourself to change in positive ways today.
2.  Don’t rush yourself to be somewhere else today.  We are settling in for a journey.  Allow your body to respond.  Be mindful of every motion and every moment.
3.  What will it take for you to commit to all 80 of these minutes?  What are you willing to give up so that your mind and body can be transformed?
4.  Feel every breath that it takes to transition into a higher workload.  Pace yourself while you allow the energy to flow freely and your enthusiasm for the task to increase.
5.  Spinning is about what is in your head and your heart, and this bike is how we bring it together with our bodies.  What thoughts are crowding your spirit?  What can you let go of to make room for success?
6.  You came here for a reason.  I guarantee it was not so you could be mediocre.  You came here to improve.  Tap into your inner strength to get the job done.
7.  Imagine that you are on mile 7 of a 50-mile ride.  What are you going to change right now to ensure that you get to the finish line?
8.  “On the bike, I am pure” – Luciana Marcial-Vincion.  What are you still clinging to that prevents you from being pure?  Imagine yourself as a perfect being.  Imagine the you that are striving to become.  The you that will not settle.  Be that person today.
9.  “This hill is not going to lie down and go flat, simply because you wish the journey to the top to be easier.”  Recommit to all of the reasons you are here today.
10.  “Leave no regrets on these hills.”  You still have time to get everything you want out of this ride.  Surprise yourself with how capable you are of getting the job done well.
11.  These final moments give us an opportunity to surge with energy as we approach the end.  By all accounts, you have succeeded, but you aren’t done yet, so let your pride show as you ride out this final hill.
12.  Celebrate!  Acknowledge your work.  Let your body embrace the recovery as you take the time to come down to a resting place.
13.  Give your body the gift of a long stretch and don’t forget to drink up throughout the day!


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