Member's Choice Rolling Pyramid Ride

Yesterday, using Cadence Revolution Show 20, my early morning class did a Pyramid Ride.  Usually a pyramid ride means that you start with a basic movement then start adding movements to build a chain that you repeat every time you add a movement.  There are an infinite number of ways that you can do a Pyramid; I opted for the “Member’s Choice”/Rolling Build option today.  The “Member’s Choice” means that I had each rider choose a movement to add to the sequence.  The Rolling Build means that we will only repeat a few of the segments before dropping the one at the beginning of the sequence to add another to the end.  This method allows every person in the room to contribute without running out of time, even when the room is full.

In a 40-minute ride minus 10 minutes for warm-up and cool down, there are 30 1-minute segments.  We divided those segments up for a class of 9 attendees and 1 instructor, telling us to only have three segments in the chain at a time.  For our Rolling Build, the segments get added on in this manner:

Rider #1 + Mine
Rider #2 + Rider #1 + Mine
Rider #3 + Rider #2 + Rider #1 + Mine
Rider #4 + Rider #3 + Rider #2 + Mine
Rider #5 + Rider #4 + Rider #3 + Mine
Rider #6 + Rider #5 + Rider #4 + Mine
Rider #7 + Rider #6 + Rider #5 + Mine
Rider #8 + Rider #7 + Rider #6 + Mine
Rider #9 + Rider #8 + Rider #7 + Mine

Note, I always throw in rest between each chain, noted as “Mine” because I contribute recovery to the chain as “my move.”  However, to keep it to 30 minutes instead of going over, I occasionally cut the recovery to only 30 seconds.

That’s it!  Very simple and students love to be involved in the process.   Plus, they love hearing their names, and this gives you many many opportunities to learn and commit them to memory!  Obviously, this model works for a small class.  You’ll want to tweak it for larger sizes and longer times.  If you have too many beginners or too many students or just aren’t sure that your students can stick to safe movements, you can do the same using movements of your choice.  Be creative and be sure to let your class know what you are up to early on!

As I mentioned, we used CadRev20.mp3 from Cadence Revolution. Please note that this mix contains an expletive at 33:35.  It is a phrase that I cannot play in my classes, so I edited it out using Acid Music XMC.  If you are unable to remove the phrase yourself, you may want to try a different Cadence Revolution.  I also like #17 a lot.  I like using these mixes for the pyramid ride because the tempo stays a steady 120 bpm that you can do just about any Spinning move to, with maybe a little bit of CD pitching for emphasis.

 Enjoy your ride!


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