July Step Combo 2 of 4: Knee-dle in a Haystack

 In this series of four posts, I’m sharing the combos I created to sub a step class recently.  Included are my definitions of each non-self-explanatory step and the teaching progressions – as best I can explain my mad methodology!

Combo #2:

3-knee repeater with kick (8) R lead
single knee (4) R lead
mambo across and back (4) L lead
mambo cha cha x2 ** (8) L lead
2 knee repeater (5) ski (3) L lead

** To add to this, make the first mambo cha cha “normal” and do the second on the floor swapping a  pivot turn for the mambo.

knee repeater kick – Do a three knee repeater the way you always do.  On count 8, instead of stepping or tapping, do a kick with your lead foot so that you do not reverse.

mambo across and back – Just like a regular mambo, except that instead of taking the first step on the bench, take your lead foot over to step in front of the step.  Step your second step in place.  Then complete the mambo as usual with your lead foot behind and second step in place.

ski – Start with your lead foot slightly behind your other foot, weight evenly distributed. Jump to quickly switch your back foot to the front at the same time the front foot switches to the back.

Teaching Progression:

Teach mambo across the bench and back.  Set aside.

Knee repeater kick x2 or x4 +  knees to 3 corners + mambo across the bench and back 12 counts. reverse.
Then, steadily condense it to one of each step as in the combo.

2 knee repeater(5), march 2 counts(2), clap on 8 – no feet (1).  Repeat to get comfortable with the rhythm.  Either here or later in the progression, change “march 2 clap” to 3 skis.

Mix in the mambo cha chas, starting with each on the bench, then change to one on, one off, and eventually one on, one pivot.

When you have this block down, add it to the first block to complete the combo.

Have fun!


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