Spinning Profile – This Club is Jumpin' Jumpin'

Our Profile today isan all-terrain ride, meaning hearts will be  all over the map.  🙂 This profile should not be used for classes of novice participants. It is designed to challenge folks with an established and well-developed aerobic base. Because it is highly challenging, pay close attention to your students and give them opportunities to rest or bow out if needed. You should also rest or perform only a recovery workout the day after to prevent injuries or overtraining. Having said that, this really is an exciting and energetic ride that will get your class jumping, literally. We are going to focus on developing our technique and strengthening our heart and leg muscles. This is also a great way to spot any inconsistencies or dead spots in your pedalling technique. During this ride, expect to learn a lot about your body, elevate your heart rate to the top of your zone, and to sweat profusely. Ready? Set? Go!

UPDATE: Here is the playlist at Napster.

1) Amor, Andy Fortuna Productions (3:47) Seated Flat. Our goal is to increase heart rates to 65% while we turn up our core temperatures. This ride will require commitment and focus, so allow yourself to let go of the rest of the world as you settle into your bike. Begin connecting to your breath and get excited about what you are setting out to accomplish today.

2) One Way or Another, Blondie (3:27) We continue warming up in a standing flat. Heart rates increase to 75% while we observe how our body parts all work together to keep us out of the saddle. Shoulders are easy, core is engaged for support, hips are steady with very minimal bounce, legs are fluidly turning perfect circles.

3) The Lion, Spinning Volume #13 (6:35) Pedal Drills. In order to perfect our jump technique, we must first remind ourselves how crucial a fluid, steady pedal stroke is. We will alternate pedalling with the right leg only and the left leg only, each leg for one minute, repeat 3 times for a total of 6 minutes. Focus on even circles with a steady effort that does not accelerate or decelerate at any point during the circle (ie, heavy pushing through the front of the stroke so that you can then “ride” the pedal up the backside, thus allowing your quadriceps to work alone). We want the work to be the same at every point around the circle. Visit my pedal drill profile for more information.

4) Una Donna Per Amico, Spinning Volume #12 (6:07) Take a minute to hydrate and allow your legs to remember how to work together. Each leg was powerful enough to move the bike alone, so together, they should have twice the power. Keep them strong. As we prepare for jumps, settle into your cadence and your fluid pedalling, then add enough resistance to run. Do not change your cadence or accelerate to “Get Up” out of the saddle. Instead, feel yourself float up to just an inch over the saddle and stay there for 30 seconds, making your pedal stroke fluid, your hips even, and your posture supported and energized. Then ease into the saddle and recover for 30 seconds. Repeat for as much of this song as you would like, resting when needed. Heart rates increase to 80% or higher and will stay there for the rest of class, most likely.

5) Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, KT Tunstall (2:52) And now we jump, evenly and completely in control. Do not allow yourself to be sloppy. Be honest, and when it is no longer your legs moving you smoothly in and out of the saddle, rest. You can always jump back in after a recovery. We are going to use the music structure to help us move us forward as we increase our frequency while improving our technique today. (Normally I would not choreograph my jumps or rely on the beat of the music to tell me when to move — this is strictly a drill). Standing up when she starts singing, we stay “Up for 2 8-counts, Down for 2 8-counts.” You’ll do this 3 times to get through verse one, and the chorus and a break. For next verse, you cut it down to “Up for 1 8-count, Down for 1 8-count”. Repeat 4 times to get through the verse. On the chorus, we double time it again to “Up for 4 counts, down for 4 counts”. Repeat until the final chorus, where you will shorten it again to “Up for 2, down for 2″** and ride it to the end of the song. Remember, your cadence should not change at all during the song. It may not turn out that way today, but it will give you something to work for.

6) Baba O’Riley, The Who (5:08) Recover for as long as it takes you to feel ready to jump again. This time, our goal is to improve our stamina. We are going to jump at a rate that is about as fast as “Up for 2, down for 2″** As soon as you are ready, start the clock and move with steady, confident controlled motions that smoothly elevate you out of the saddle and allow you graccefully return to your seat. Jump steadily for as long as you can, shooting for a nice high number of jumps. Can you perform 25 perfectly without resting? 50? 100? There is plenty of time, so do as many as you can, then rest and come back to break your own record. This is a tremendous challenge, especially to stay disciplined enough to rest when it is no longer your legs moving you, but your arms or momentum or jerky accelerations to lift up or down. Allow yourself the last minute of the song to recover.

**Update:  I want to briefly clarify my counting methodology for the two previous jump sequences.  I realize that I what posted indicates that you should maintain your jump for two counts of the music.  This is an error on my part.  When I count the music and jumps which, as I indicated, is rare, I count the music half as fast as I would if I were dancing to it.  So in effect, all the numbers you read above should actually be DOUBLED if you are counting the exact beat of the music.  I apologize for the confusion and danger associated with performing jumps too quickly.  We aren’t going for popcorn jumps here.  The name of the game with jumps is always CONTROL!!  🙂 

7) Get Up, Ciara (4:21) Here comes the hill. If you still need the recovery, allow yourself to start with a steated climb. However, as soon as you are able, give yourself a nice, heavy (7 on a scale of 1-10) hill and come on up to HP3 for a standing climb. Allow yourself to acclimate and enjoy the climb for the first 2 minutes, then move into the jumps on a hill. Start with longer, less frequent jumps, such as “Up 2 8-counts, Down 2 8-counts” as we did with the earlier jumps, then increase your frequency as you work for 2 minutes.

8 ) Coqueta, Kinky (3:38) Lighten your hill slightly (6 on a scale of 1-10) and increase your cadence. Let yourself get fired up about the final push. Pump the legs in your standing climb and find your rhythm. Take a minute to get ready for your all out effort to the end. Maintaining complete control and fluidity, lift in and out of Hand Position 3 with an even cadence. Feel the energy surging through your body and finish off with strength and conviction. Jumps on a hill to the end of the song — Last chance to Ride Like you Mean It!

9) Heart of Glass, Blondie (4:12) Ride your flat road and allow your heart to gradually reclaim the beats you spent. Allow your breathing to slow as you cool down with light resistance. Give yourself kudos galore for your accomplishment!

10) Wasted, Carrie Underwood (4:34) Additional cool down and stretching.

11) Angel, Massive Attack (6:14) Final stretch. Hooray, you made it!


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