Spinning Profile – Interval Madness

Welcome back!  I took last week to be with family and enjoy my birthday.  Today we are back with another exciting Spinning Profile that works intervals.  Everybody loves intervals, so let’s get to ’em! If you want the playlist, you can check it out on Napster.

1. Futures – Jimmy Eat World (4:00)  Settle into the bike, find your breath, allow your mind to clear and your heart rate to gradually increase to 65% of max.  Commit to working intensely for each interval and staying relaxed and focused during the recovery efforts.

2. Dreams – The Cranberries (3:00)  Continue your warm up, with slightly increased cadence and resistance.

3. Jump, Jive, and Wail – Brian Setzer Orchestra (2:53)  First interval gets you out of your seat and makes your heart pump.  Take 2.5 minutes of non stop jumps.  Make them as fast or as slow as you want, but make sure you are working at a challenging clip.  We want that heart rate up in the 8’s (80-85% of max).

4. 24 – Jem (3:53) Your first recovery effort will last as long as the jumps did.  Take 2.5 minutes to actively recover, bringing the heart rate back to 70-75% of max.  Also, take a cadence check around 2 minutes to determine where you “prefer” to work, so you have a base to measure against when we speed things up.  In this recovery effort a 15-second count should yield 20-24 revolutions.  At 2:30, skip to the next song.

5. Immigrant Song – Led Zepplin* (2:23)  Time to push the tempo.  Add a bit of resistance, and get your legs spinning.  We’ll take a second cadence check at around 0:45 to ensure that we’ve increased our 15-second count to 23-27.  Make sure there is enough resistance to keep your hips still in the saddle as you rev that heart rate back up to 80% and keep it there for almost 2.5 minutes.

6. Say It Right – Nelly Furtado (3:43) Another 2.5 minute active recovery.  Choose any position that allows you to resume a heart rate of 70-75%.  Breathe and prepare yourself for the next intense effort.  Use your breath to aid in the recovery and continue making friends with your bike.

7. Ecstasy – Rusted Root (5:02) For this effort, we are going to double time it, literally.  Five minutes of a quick-paced, moderate-resistance standing climb.  Let the energy flow through you as you extend your muscles and challenge your body.  Commit to quality form and stay focused on fluid pedalling.

8. Right Now – Van Halen (5:22) You have earned it — five minutes at 70%.  Lower your heart rate as quickly as you can (remember this is an indicator of overall cardio fitness) then maintain it.  Resist the temptation to let it drop lower.  We still have one more effort to go, so continue to put forth your best effort.   Use the opportunity to refocus your mind and your energy. Suspend your judgements and allow yourself to ride like the person you’ve always imagined you could be.

9. Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins (3:35) Here comes the big finale.  Let your students pick the heart-stopping-est move they know and push push push for the last 3.5 minutes.  Maintain complete control, great form and just “get ‘er done.”

10. The Distance – Cake (3:00) Wheeeeeeeee! Made It!  Sit down and flush it out.  Work yourself back down to your 70% heart rate and ride it out for three minutes.

11. Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan (5:20)  Finally, we cool down.  Slow the legs, calm the mind, stretch the muscles.  Reward yourself for working hard.

12. mind101 – LeviChen (6:32)  Last cool down.

 I hope you enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by.

 *Led Zepplin tunes are not available on Napster, so I had to substitue a tribute band in the playlist. I *highly* recommend you replace it with your own copy of the song or pick another.  Your students might hang you if you use that placeholder.  You’ve been warned!!!


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