"Over and back" — A Classic Rock Strength and Endurance Ride

Looking for a new Spinning Profile?  Here is what we did in my 6:00 am Spinning class this morning.  The gentlemen in my audience have been begging for less pop/dance and more classic rock, motown, “oldies”…  So I came up with this playlist for them (You’re welcome, Walter!).  Here is the Playlist at Napster.

The profile is a simple idea:  You choose a destination, ride out to it, turn around and come back.  In this profile, I have also added an element of visualization.  You want your students to experience a purpose in riding out, climbing a heavy hill to get to a place, then have to come back and do it again to get “home”.  You can be very creative with your cues and your motivational assistance, but be careful!  Give your students the opportunity to come up with their own images — don’t make any suggestions, or give them your own ideas.  It is best left up to each individual to interpret your cue and decide what type of goal they will set.   Have fun and stay safe!!

OVER AND BACK Begin with an intention, a destination. Visualize the road that leads to the achievment of this goal. As with our own physical journeys, we encounter obstacles on our path to improvement. Bring to the forefront of your mind a goal you wish to accomplish and set it out in front of you. Between you and the accomplishment of this goal will be one large obstacle that must be overcome to reach it. We will be riding out toward our intention, overcoming a large hill, then once we have attained it, our second step will be to return to the place we started with our intention still intact.

1. Superstitious, Stevie Wonder (4:05) Flat road warm up. Prepare yourself for your journey. Add enough resistance and increase your cadence to bring the heart rate to 70%.

2. Just a Ride, Jem (3:20) Run in HP2 allowing yourself to feel refreshed, relaxed, and eager to pursue the work ahead.  Keep your focus on staying strong and steady through your ride while you continue elevating the heart gradually.

3. Keep Yourself Alive, Queen (3:45) We find ourselves at the bottom of our hill and begin a seated climb. This hill towers over us and tries to threaten us.  Add enough gear to feel that this is a task worth tackling and remind yourself that the object of your desire is on the other side. The hill should feel like a 6 on a scale of 1-10 or RPE should be about 7.5 on a 1-10. Continue adding resistance as you begin the climb to the top.  Keep it quick and energetic, all the way to the top! 4.  Woman from Tokyo, Deep Purple (5:35) We are not quite halfway to the top when this song begins. Stay focused, and determined and continue to load the resistance on in mangeable increments. By now your hill is a 7.5 – very heavy and RPE is 8 – Very Tiring. When you can no longer stay in the saddle, come to HP3 and use the pistons of strength you call “legs” to power your way to the top.

5.  Dry Ice, Spinning Vol 12 (7:20)*** Celebrate that you made it to the top of this monster hill. Sit back and flush the lactic acid from your legs as you spin down the backside of the hill then onto the flat road with light – moderate resistance. Feel the connection to your bike and the connection to your destination which is only 3 minutes away. Use your time in the saddle to find an even rhythm and a balance to your pedal stroke. Challenge yourself to maintain a cadence that is 1% faster than you would consider your “comfort zone.” Keep your RPE at 75% by adding resistance or increasing speed. Allow yourself to draw closer and closer to this objective. When you reach it, allow yourself to experience the receipt of it as you would if it were a true fact in your life. Then, assimilate it into your ride. Visualize how you as a person are different and better for having reached this goal. What is different about you now? Continue your flat road as you return to your monster hill, with the accomplishment of your goal intact.

6. Smoke on the Water, Deep Purple (5:37) It is a test of our will and determination to attack this hill again, only this time we draw from our experience to know that we will succeed. Apply heavy resistance and immediately you are faced with the steepest segment of the hill. Come to HP3 and set the resistance as heavy as you can, while maintaining a cadence of 60-80 rpm and heart rates between 85-90%. Stay on this heavy hill for 3 minutes. Then allow yourself to take off small increments of resistance every 30-45 seconds until you can return to the saddle.

7.  You’re The First, The Last, My Everything, Barry White (4:33) We must continue the climb, but it has eased up and now we sit and work our legs in perfect circles, increasing our efficiency and power. Make every movement fluid and focused. Do not forget that you have accomplished what you set out to acheive and must now return all the way to the start with it. Reconnect with your eagerness and refresh yourself with cleansing breaths.

8.  Roadhouse Blue, The Doors (4:08) You have arrived back on the flat and have one last length of road to go. Run in HP2 with light-moderate resistance and acknowledge the successes and failures you experienced today.

9. Suscpicious Minds, Elvis Presley (4:30) Cool down. Ride a flat road to allow your heartbeats to return and your breath to become natural and even. Thank yourself for the hard work you put forth in today’s class.

10. Space Breaker, Spinning Vol 12 (5:45)*** Stretch

11. Radiance, Parijat ***(7:50) Stretch

*** I recently realized that when I put tracks from my personal music library into the Napster playlist, Napster won’t recognize them and won’t include them with the list that I post for you.  Therefore, in the Napster list you’ll notice that track 5 is replaced with “Africa” from Cirque du Soleil and the cool downs are replaced with two different Parijat songs.  I hope you don’t mind!


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