A Little Extra to Line Your Pockets

I promised you that you would never find anything for sale on this website.  My purpose here is to help you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket and to help you find ways of increasing your bankroll.   In the future, we will talk more about how to earn more money as a Group Fitness Instructor.   But today, I heard about something that sounds literally too good to be true.  I have just begun my research on the topic, but what I’ve learned really sounds great, and you will want to know about it, too.  We’ll be stepping out of the world of group fitness just for today and talk about a service that might be just what you need to earn a little bit extra for a new pair of shoes or a new John Sines CD.  It is service that allows you to earn money for surfing the web.  Sound like a load of crap?  I thought so too, until I dug a little deeper.

You may or may not realize just how profitable the web really is.  Far more than just the goods and services you buy on the web, and even more than the web advertisements you see – someone is making money almost everytime you click your mouse.   Granted, each mouse click may only be worth a fraction of a penny to the person earning the income, but think how many clicks happen on the internet every minute, let alone every day…  every year.  Now the math sounds a bit lucrative, right?

The company is called Agloco and the concept goes like this: Advertisers are already spending money to advertise to you, usually with ads and paid search rankings. Agloco’s concept is very similar to any rewards program you may already belong to, only here, instead of flying the friendly skies for miles or buying gas with your gas card for cash back, you get rewarded for surfing the web and referring friends to do the same.  Agloco will collect and then share a percentage of those advertising dollars with you, the consumer.

It works through a browsing plugin that you will be able to install in a week or so. This is from Steve Pavlina’s post, where I first learned about Agloco:
By installing the Agloco web browser plug-in, you can actually earn income from regular web surfing in 4 ways:

  1. A kickback for browsing. You earn an automatic share of Agloco’s revenue based on the time you spend each month browsing the web with their viewbar installed. So that’s basically passive income for something you’d be doing anyway.
  2. Company shares. You earn shares of stock in the company based on your monthly browsing with the viewbar. That could amount to zip, or it could be something you later sell for cash
  3. Referral income. You earn a bigger share of #1 and #2 by referring others to the program, much like an affiliate program. You also get some kind of bonus from the referrals of those you originally referred. This is probably why the program has been spreading through blogs lately, since a popular blog can efficiently build a large network of referrals.
  4. Revenue sharing. You earn a share of the revenue whenever an Agloco member buys something, such as from a browser ad, an affiliate link, or by doing a search from the viewbar.

Is it a pyramind scheme?  Nope.  You aren’t required to buy anything, or sell anything.  You simply install the Agloco plugin, surf, refer and reap the benefits.  What isn’t to love about that?  If it sounds interesting to you, I do encourage you to look into Agloco for yourself. The worst that could happen is you learn a little something about how the internet works.  A little more optimistic outcome could include additional income for your efforts.

What about privacy?  Agloco isn’t in the business of selling your information.  They have a very descriptive Privacy Policy that describes how they protect your information and retain it only for the purposes of your membership.

I hope you find this interesting and helpful.  I realize that it is slightly off-topic, so I won’t burden you with it again.  Thank you for checking it out and thank you doubly for using my links to sign up!

Peace and prosperity to you all!


3 thoughts on “A Little Extra to Line Your Pockets

  1. I register, I download the viewbar, I refer people, and happily continue browsing and earn passive income. I want to know why would anyone pay me for what I am already doing. Unless Agloco is adding some value why would someone pay Agloco. And if Agloco is going to add value, will they pester me with popups or asking me to view specific ads or websites. If they dont, then they are not adding any value, and nobody is going to pay them. If they do, sorry let me and my friends peacefully browse.

  2. That is an excellent question, thank you for asking. The viewbar earns commissions in a variety of ways, which you can read about at: http://www.agloco.com/web/guest/howitworks. To sum it up, sellers advertise on the viewbar and pay commissions on sales made through the bar. Search engines pay to have their searches come up first when the viewbar search is used. Software companies pay to make their software available through the bar. Those are just a few. It is more than a silent counter of clicks, but as far as I know there are no pop ups or spam emails. Just an enticement to get you browse through them.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. Thank you Krista for the information. As you said there is not much of an interruption working with View-bar. Thank you.

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