Hot Muscle – Sculpting Choreography

I subbed a sculpting class called “Hot Muscle” last night at Eco Fitness. I knew the girls who attended would be expecting a non-stop, body-slimming, fat-blast of a workout so I put this together to work them into a sweat. They were a quiet, suspicious group, which was not unexpected because of the well-known loyalty they feel towards their regular instructor. However, by the end, we were all drenched, a red and feeling like Super Women. So here. Go kick some butts with this:

The Basic Structure

  1. Warm up (5 minutes)
  2. Perform 16-24 reps of each exercise in numbered set 1. Use the following timing:
    1. “Double Counts” (2 counts eccentric, 2 counts concentric) for the first 8 reps
    2. “Single Counts” (1 count eccentric, 1 count concentric) for the last 8-16 reps You’ll choose 8 or 16 depending on :
      • Your music tempo (fast beat, can fit more reps in the alloted time)
      • Your class level (more advanced, more reps)
      • Whether or not you have to repeat on the other side (save time by doing fewer each side – err on the heavier side with the weight to ensure muscle fatigue)
  3. After you work each of the four exercises, repeat set 1.
  4. Rest 1-2 minutes. You should be about 15-20 minutes into class by now.
  5. Follow the above steps to work through numbered sets 2, 3 and 4. Each set should take you 10-15 minutes if you stick to the timing and avoid dilly-dallying.


The equipment you’ll need is listed after each exercise. “Light,” “Medium,” and “Heavy” are of course, relative terms, so provide your students with some guidance on selecting the appropriate weight.  At the start you’ll need:

  • Stability Ball
  • Medium-to-Heavy Barbell that can be lightened during class
  • Light, Medium Hand weights
  • Heavy Hand Weights (optional)

The Moves


  1. Push ups on a stability ball (Stability Ball)
  2. Barbell squats (Medium-Heavy Barbell or Heavy Hand weights)
  3. Floor push ups, alternate dropping chest toward right hand, then left hand (none)
  4. one-legged wall squats (Stability Ball, bare walls)


  1. Bent-over row. Second set can be done on one leg for greater challenge (Medium Barbell)
  2. Static Lunges (Medium Barbell or Medium Hand Weights)
  3. One-Arm Row with Twist (One Medium-Heavy Hand Weight and optional Stability Ball under support hand)
  4. Alternating Reverse Lunges. Second set do Alternating Forward Lunges (Medium Barbell or Medium Hand Weights)


  1. Overhead Press (Light – Medium Barbell)
  2. Skull Crushers on a ball (Light – Medium Barbell)
  3. Hamstring Curls on a ball (Stability Ball)
  4. Barbell Bicep Curl (Medium Barbell)


  1. Tricep Push Ups (none)
  2. Open angle Bicep Curls (Med-Heavy Handweights)
  3. Forward Raises (Light Hand Weights)
  4. Reverse Fly (Light Hand Weights)

That’s it!!  Have fun, play with it.  Change the moves, whatever.  Just let me know what you thought and how you implemented it!  Leave a comment so we can learn from each other and each continue our journey of self-improvement!


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