Strength Profile – Two Big Hills

This is another profile I picked up from  I’m not sure which newsletter it came from, but it was created by Holly Goebel (thank you Holly!!).  I did make a few changes to the structure and the playlist, which I am posting here.  What we have is a powerful ride that will challenge even your veterans.  Our goal is to keep the heart rate above 75% and under 85%. 92%.  As always, with your beginners and those who’ve been away a while, you will want to encourage them to take it interval style.  Have them work to the point where they are about to be breathless (but still breathing!) then have them recover in the saddle.  Have fun with this ride, and don’t forget to come back and tell me how it went! 

If you want the playlist, you can take it go at Napster: Right Here!

  1. Just a Little While (4:12) [ bpm] Optional Intro Warm Up Time and Stretches Heart Rate to 65%.
  2. Angels will Help You (7:20) [136 bpm] Warm up with light resistance, increasing heart rate to 70%. Cadence is 80 – 100 rpm. Steadily increase resistance.  (*Note: I usually skip ahead about halfway through the song, depending on class length and whether or not I played song #1).
  3. Mercury Rising  (4:25) [129 bpm] Continue on the flat road for the first half of this song, then begin to ascend a moderate hill with three gradual increases in resistance.  Heart rate reaches 75% and cadence is 80 rpm.
  4. Little Less Conversation (3:33) [115 bpm] You should be riding a moderate to heavy hill now, and looking forward to heating things up.  Sit to the back of the saddle, recruit the hamstrings in a seated climb, then power into a run for 30 seconds, then settle back into your seat: 3 times.  80% here.
  5. Maria (4:22) [100 rpm**] Lay on the resistance and keep adding as you climb out of the saddle for the entire song.  Heart rate elevates to 85% as your resistance changes to meet this steep challenge.  Cadence 60-80 rpm. Focus on powerful form and staying the course.
  6. Unbelievable (3:23)  [106 bpm] For the first two minutes on this hill, jump.  For the second half, ease off the resistance and ride a flat road as you actively recover for the next hill.  Cadence is 80 rpm.
  7. Boomerang (5:56) [96 bpm]  Steadily increase resistance while you maintain your cadence at 80 rpm.  Stay in the saddle as long as you can for hill #2.
  8. Now We Found Love (4:18) [120bpm]Climb out of the saddle and return to your seat once every minute for 10 seconds.  Heart rate to 80-85%.
  9. Half a Cell (4:36) [91 bpm] This is your last push in the saddle.  Focus on deep breaths and fluid pedals for 90 seconds.  Then steadily decrease resistance and increase to 100 rpm.
  10. Hazy Shade of Winter (2:47) [151 bpm]  This is optional.  If you want to finish off fast, then dig in and work the last bit at your highest level yet.  Sprint off and on in 40 sec/20 sec intervals.
  11. A Thousand Miles (3:57) Cool down and lower heart rate to 65% as you ease to the finish. 
  12. Return to Innocence (7:04) Complete the journey with stretches and a relaxed mind.

**If you have the ability to pitch your CD, you should increase the tempo of this song to make it easier to stay with the music and stay within the appropriate cadence range.  If not, encourage your students to stay faster than the beat.


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