Spin-tacular Intervals

You want a free Spinning Profile that will leave your classes begging for more?  Look no further.  This is your place for indoor cycling class profiles that your students will love! 

My 6:00 am Spin class had their work cut out for them this morning. We had an intense ride that left no face dry. It was an interval set using a CD I burned in 2003. The music isn’t current, but it worked perfectly for the intervals we rode. Here are my notes for the ride, which I encourage you try. I borrowed this from a Master Spin Ride published in the Spinning Newsletter April 2003.  It isn’t an exact copy, but I will give credit where it is due!  If you don’t have access to these songs, or if you don’t see them working out for your audience, I’ve included the length of the song and it’s tempo (BPM) so that you might search for a match in your own library. If you have access to Napster, you can use this link to access my public playlist by CLICKING HERE.

 1 – Whisper Your Name (4:49) [90 bpm] Light Warm Up, heart <65%. Sit up in the saddle with hands at sides and allow the tension to flow out of the body.  Focus today is heart rate changing from 65% to 92%., so for now, keep it under 65% as you relax and mentally prepare.

2 – Doesn’t Really Matter (4:25) [100 bpm] Flat road, maintain cadence >80.  Find your rhythm and allow it be natural. Maintain this flat as you gradually increase resistance to simulate wind. 

3 – Let’s Get Loud (4:40) [132 bpm] Seated Climb 2:15, then heavy standing flat.  Increase resistance  to feel hill approach.  Seated climb  for first half of the song (about 2:15).  Add resistance until you need to get out of the saddle and come to HP2. Cadence 60-80 as you run to the top of the hill.

4 – Toxic (3:18) [142 bpm] Celebrate with recovery and hydrate for 1 min.  Then, jump for 2 min with good form.  Goal is to move fluidly and continuously in full control of the movement.  Work on coordination and rhythm.

5 – James Dean (3:27)  [130 bpm]  90 seconds heart to 65%.  Increase resistance  for 2 minutes to elevate to 70%.  Next segment we’ll be working 85%-92% so get prepared.

6 – Galaxy Bounce (3:27) [120 bpm] Choose any movement to raise heart (78%) and keep  it steady 60 sec. Then take 90 sec to raise to Anaerobic Threshold (85%) by increasing tempo and/or resistance.  Sprint last 30 seconds (92%).  Take 90 sec to recover to 65% MHR. 

7 – Smooth (3:57) 115 Recover 2 min.  2 minutes of jumps on a hill if you have enough energy stored to get the heart up to 90% again.  Monitor yourself!

8 – When Doves Cry (5:54) [127 bpm] Recover 2 minutes. Option to work 3 minutes on a hill or skip to song #9.

9 – It’s the End of the World As We Know It (4:01) [104 bpm] Cadence ladders: Start at baseline cadence, increase speed every 20  seconds for three times, then decrease and start over. 

10 – Rio (4:45) [141 bpm]  Optional sprints, jumps or climb if your class has anything left in them after a brief recovery.

11 – Everybody Have Fun (4:47) [127 bpm]  Finally, the cool down!  Focus on breathing through your nose and using the diaphragm.  Keep your eyes closed a minute and mentally look back at your outstanding performance.

12 – Thank U – Stretches

13 – All You Wanted  – Final Bow and bike cleaning

Have an awesome ride!!


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