Beginner's Luck

We’ve all been there.  The beginning.  The start of a long journey or a short but painful event.  The beginning of the year, the beginning of a test, a wedding, a funeral.  The beginning of step class….  This is the beginning of The Power of Group Fitness blog.  Wish me luck!

You may be in the beginning stages of your career as a group fitness instructor, considering a switch from participant to leader, or you may be a veteran in the industry.  Whoever you are and wherever you have come from, WELCOME.  The mission of this blog is to provide free advice and assistance to help you become the best instructor in the business.  Additionally, I hope to interact with you and use your feedback to help others learn the ropes and become the top performers at their clubs. 

It is no secret that the health and fitness industry is one of the top money makers out there.  There is a load of cash to be made in helping other people get fit.  However, group fitness instructors see the very least of these profits, unless they are also owners, personal trainers or otherwise sell their services.   We are cash cows for the owners of the gyms, but we are seldom rewarded proportionately to the revenue we generate.  For the average instructor, Group Fitness is a zero-sum game.  By the time you cover the costs of new music, certification, continuing education, clothes, and shoes, there is literally nothing left of your paycheck.  In future blogs, we will look at just how valuable you are, which you might be able to leverage toward a raise or a benefit.  But for now, understand that my goal is to provide you a no-cost alternative to high-priced CEUs and for-fee Professional Sites. 

What can you expect to find  as we Unleash the Power of Group Fitness? 

  • Tips you can actually use to improve the quality of your delivery
  • Proven techniques for increasing your class numbers
  • Guides to developing your own star quality that will make you a highly-sought-out instructor
  • Advice for handling problem situations with grace and calm that will keep you endeared to those you work with
  • Up-to-Date information on best buys and sales that will help you save your hard-earned cash
  • And, eventually a music exchange and group discounts at retailers and conference attendance

What you will NOT find:

  • Marketing hype
  • Sales pitches
  • Attempts to take your money

I may add sponsored links at some point, but you will never endure a horrifying pop up window or other distraction.

Thanks for dropping in and checking out your new space for excellence in group fitness.  Prepare to unleash all the power inside of you.  You can be a Super Star!  After all, luck is the crossroads where preparation and opportunity meet.  Even if you are just beginning, all the luck you could possibly need starts with what you will find here. 



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